strike [strīk]
struck, struck or occas. (but for vt. 11 commonly and for vt. 8 & 15 usually) stricken, striking, [ME striken, to proceed, flow, strike with rod or sword < OE strican, to go, proceed, advance, akin to Ger streichen < IE * streig- < base * ster-, a streak, strip, to stroke > L stringere, to couch, strigilis, scraper, Ger strahl, ray]
1. to hit with the hand or a tool, weapon, etc.; smite; specif.,
a) to give a blow to; hit with force [to strike a nail with a hammer]
b) to give (a blow, etc.)
c) to remove, knock off, etc. by or as by a blow [to strike a gun from someone's hand]
d) to make or impress by stamping, punching, printing, etc. [to strike coins in a mint]
e) to pierce or penetrate [struck in the head by a bullet]
f) to harpoon or shoot (a whale)
g) to hook (a fish that has risen to the bait) by a pull on the line
h) to seize (the bait): said of a fish
i) to produce (a tone or chord) by hitting a key or keys or touching a string or strings on a musical instrument
j) to touch the strings of (a musical instrument)
2. to announce (time), as by causing a hammer to hit a bell: said of clocks, etc.
3. to cause to come into violent or forceful contact; specif.,
a) to cause to hit something [to strike one's head on a beam]
b) to thrust (a weapon, implement, etc.) in or into something
c) to bring forcefully into contact [to strike cymbals together]
d) to cause to ignite by friction [to strike a match]
e) to produce (a light, etc.) by friction
f) to make (an arc) in an arc lamp
4. to come into violent or forceful contact with; crash into; hit [the stone struck a head]
a) to wound with the fangs: said of snakes
b) to attack
6. to afflict, as with disease, pain, or death
7. to come into contact with; specif.,
a) to fall on; shine on [light striking the wall]
b) to catch or reach (the ear): said of a sound
c) to come upon; arrive at [the bus struck the main road]
d) to make (a path, trail, etc.) as one goes along
e) to notice, find, or hit upon suddenly or unexpectedly
f) to discover, as after drilling or prospecting [to strike oil]
g) to appear to [the sight that struck my eyes]
8. to affect as if by contact, a blow, etc.; specif.,
a) to come into the mind of; occur to [an idea struck me]
b) to be attractive to or impress (someone's fancy, sense of humor, etc.)
c) to seem to [an idea that strikes me as silly]
d) to cause to become suddenly [to be struck dumb]
e) to influence, inspire, or overcome suddenly with strong feeling [to be struck with amazement]
f) to cause (a feeling, emotion, etc.) to come suddenly; arouse [to strike terror to the heart]
9. to remove or expunge (from a list, minutes, record, etc.)
a) to make and ratify (a bargain, agreement, truce, etc.)
b) to arrive at by figuring, estimating, etc. [to strike a balance]
a) to lower or haul down (a sail, flag, etc.), as in surrendering: sailors formerly struck sails in protest of grievances, to prevent a ship from sailing
b) to take down (a tent, etc.)
c) to abandon (a camp) as by taking down tents
12. [from STRIKE vt. 13a via obs. sense “to put (tools) out of use” in protest of grievances] to refuse to continue to work at (a factory, company, etc.) until certain demands have been met
a) Obs. to stroke or smooth
b) to level (a measure of grain, sand mold, etc.) by stroking the top with a straight instrument; strickle
14. to assume (an attitude, pose, etc.)
a) to send down or put forth (roots): said of plants, etc.
b) to cause (cuttings, etc.) to take root
16. Obs. to wage (battle)to wage (battle)
17. [cf. STRIKE vt. 13] Theater
a) to dismantle and remove (scenery or a set)
b) to remove the scenery of (a play)
c) to turn (a light) down or off
1. to deliver a blow or blows
2. to aim a blow or blows [to strike in vain at a ball]
a) to attack [the enemy struck at dawn]
b) to take part in a fight or struggle (for some objective)
c) to make a sound or sounds as by being struck: said of a bell, clock, etc.
d) to be announced by the striking of a bell, chime, etc.: said of the time
e) to make sudden and violent contact; hit; collide (against, on, or upon)
f) to be noticed; have an effect
4. to ignite or be capable of igniting, as a match
5. to seize or snatch at a bait: said of a fish
6. to make a darting movement in an attempt to inflict a wound: said of a snake, tiger, etc.
7. to penetrate or pierce (to, through, etc.)
8. to come suddenly or unexpectedly; fall, light, etc. (on or upon) [to strike on the right combination]
9. to run upon a reef, rock, etc.: said of a ship
a) to lower sail
b) to haul down one's flag in token of surrender
11. to refuse to continue to work until certain demands are met; go on strike
12. to send out roots; take root: said of a plant
13. to begin, advance, or proceed, esp. in a new way or direction; turn
14. to move or pass quickly; dart
15. U.S. Navy to be in training ( for a specified rating)
1. the act of striking; blow; specif., a military attack [an air strike]
a) a concerted refusal by employees to go on working, in an attempt to force an employer to grant certain demands, as for higher wages, better working conditions, etc.
b) any similar refusal by a person or group of people to do something, undertaken as a form of protest [a hunger strike, a buyers' strike]
4. the discovery of a rich deposit of oil, coal, minerals, etc.
5. any sudden success, esp. one bringing large financial return
a) the pull on the line by a fish seizing or snatching at bait
b) the pull that a fisherman gives the line to engage a baited hook in a fish's mouth
7. the number of coins, medals, etc. struck at one time
8. the part of a timepiece that strikes
9. the metal piece on a doorjamb, into which the latch fits when the door is shut: also strike plate
10. Baseball a pitched ball that is struck at but missed, declared within the strike zone but not struck at, or hit foul but not caught: the batter is out after three strikes but the third strike cannot be a foul ball unless it was on a bunt attempt or unless it was a foul tip that was caught by the catcher
11. Bowling
a) the act of knocking down all the pins on the first bowl
b) the score made in this way
12. Geol. Mining the trace of a rock bed, fault, or vein on the horizontal, at right angles to the direction of dip
be struck with
to be attracted to or impressed by
☆ have two strikes against one
Informal to be at a decided disadvantage: from the three strikes permitted a batter in baseball
out on strike or on strike
striking: see STRIKE (vi. 13)
strike down
1. to cause to fall by a blow, etc.; knock down
2. to do away with; undo, cancel, etc.
3. to have a disastrous or disabling effect upon: said of illness, etc.
strike dumb
to amaze; astound; astonish
strike hands
1. to show agreement by clasping hands
2. to make a bargain, contract, etc.
strike home
1. to deliver an effective or crippling blow
2. to achieve a desired or significant effect
☆ strike it rich
1. to discover a rich deposit of ore, oil, etc.
2. to become rich or successful suddenly
strike off
1. to separate, or remove, by or as by a blow or cut
2. to remove from a record, list, etc.; erase; expunge
3. to print
strike out
1. to make by hitting or striking
2. to originate; produce; devise
3. to aim or strike a blow; hit out
4. to remove from a record, etc.; erase; expunge
5. to begin moving or acting; start out
6. Baseball
a) to be put out as the result of three strikes
b) to put (a batter) out by pitching three strikes
7. to be a failure
strike up
1. to begin or cause to begin playing, singing, sounding, etc.
2. to begin (a friendship, conversation, etc.)
3. to emboss (metal, decorative figures, etc.)

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